Becoming a Resilient Leader

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About This Course

Resilient leaders have the ability to adapt to change, manage their stressors, maintain psychological well-being in the face of adversity and grow through difficult experiences.

Resilience is not just about demonstrating dogged perseverance to overcome a challenge. Sometimes you have to change course. It’s not always a matter of buckling down and devoting more time and effort to a project. A better approach might be to seek help. When leaders come under pressure, they often stop investing in resilience resources and throw their energy reserves off balance. As a result, their resilience levels decrease when leaders need them most.

Leadership strategy firm YSC Consulting has identified five inputs for strengthening resilience habits. Their evidence-based program lays out proactive steps leaders can take to improve all six resilience resources. YSC illustrates how leaders use strategies for Support, Confidence, Striving, Recovery, and Adapting to build lifelong habits. These habits preserve energy levels, create fulfillment, and maintain well- being, even as daily pressures and setbacks challenge our energy levels.

In this course, leaders learn very practical activities to build resilience through personalized resilience resources that lead to happier, healthier, and more engaged lives.

Expert Faculty

Shelley Winter

Director and Head of Coaching and Resilience at YSC

Rob Morris

Managing Director, Head of Innovation & Thought Leadership, YSC

Course Features

100% Online Course Platform

30 Minutes Per Day

Leadership Coaching

World-Class Expert Teaching

Community of Practice

What You Will Learn

Learn how the Resilience Profiler organizes and explains the six inputs for developing resilience

Build out your support network and identify the factors that prevent you from seeking help

Understand how to build your confidence through reframing, and boost the confidence levels of your people

What You Will Do

Use the resilience fulcrum to determine if your resilience resources effectively balance the stressors, change and challenges you currently face

Assess resilience in your organization, the recovery techniques you use to replenish energy levels and the effectiveness of current resilience habits

Create an action plan to illustrate how you will improve your own resilience, and the steps you’ll take as a leader to help your team build resilience

Course Overview

Day One


  • Resilience in Your Life
  • The Resilience Fulcrum
  • Resilience as an Organization
Day Two


  • The Leadership Resilience Profiler™
  • Introduction to Support
  • Your Support Networks
  • Asking for Support
Day Three


  • What is confidence?
  • Reframing to Take Control in the Face of Change
  • Developing Confidence in Others
  • Striving
  • Your Response to Challenge
  • Your Confidence and Striving Resources
Day Four


  • What is Recovery?
  • Energizers and De-Energizers
  • Encouraging Good Recovery Management
  • Adapting
  • Adaptive Styles
  • Adapting as a Resilience Resource
Day Five


  • Your Resilience Habits
  • Taking Action
  • Sharing Insights

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