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We specialize in science-based virtual learning that encourages dialogue and harnesses the collective genius of your team. Our method results in up to 10x the impact of traditional e-learning.

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Our cohort-based learning approach empowers your team to take advantage of the collective ideas and insights of every participant. Problem-based learning activities encourage dialogue and create opportunities to share knowledge and unlock new insights from every team member. This science-based approach to learning delivers 10x the impact of traditional eLearning.

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Cohort-Based Learning with CorpU

Our Learning Programs

Our signature programs can be distilled into three critical learning topics: Positive Leadership, Innovation, and Supply Chain. Within these three academies, thousands of the brightest leaders from around the globe have come together to harness their collective genius. The result – millions of discussions, revolutionary new ideas, and a massively positive impact on companies' bottom line.

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Positive Leadership

Positive Leadership

Use positive leadership principles to create a positive culture within your organization



Teach your leaders to have an innovative mindset to unlock new opportunities

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Give your leaders the tools and training required to make supply chain improvements

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CorpU is the future of the way people will learn.

Nick Georgus, VP of Advisor Services | Charles Schwab

CorpU Virtual Learning Platform

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Our platform is created with science-based learning methodology in mind. Our communities of practice, extensive design & production tools, world-class security, and in-depth analytics set our platform apart from traditional eLearning solutions.

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Powerful Analytics

Advanced learning analytics uses machine learning algorithms to provide data and insight into group and individual performance. Conversational analysis also highlights themes and trends from cohort dialogue to help your organization make smarter decisions.

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We Work with the Best.

We work with the best and brightest leaders from around the world to deliver impactful teaching on the topics you and your company need to know about. Our exceptionally high standards help us to ensure that every course delivered through our platform is insightful and high impact.

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Courses on the CorpU Open Calendar are free for all CorpU customers to enjoy. Join a cohort and learn alongside professionals from around the globe, from a variety of industries and backgrounds. Anyone can try the CorpU experience by joining an Open cohort using a FREE guest pass.

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