Leveraging Online Learning to Build Effective Leadership Skills

by | Apr 27, 2021

Leveraging Online Learning

Online, cohort-based learning cuts costs and offers new learning opportunities

Organizations are currently experiencing a high rate of change, thanks to globalization, regulations, political shifts, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a result of this fast-paced change, businesses are actively searching for the best ways to develop leaders and employees in a global, scalable and accessible way.

The traditional, instructor-led approach is no longer the gold standard. In fact, instructor-led training proves to be more costly and time consuming than online learning, and it is riddled with indirect fees like venue and travel expenses that, overall, will end up costing an organization twice as much as it would to pursue an online learning-based program.

All things considered, online, self-paced learning continues to be popular among users. In addition to cost-saving initiatives, this approach offers a wide range of benefits not typically derived from traditional learning, including important – but often forgot – factors like flexibility, easy-to-use technology and life balance.

Despite these advantages, organizations continue to miss their mark when it comes to capitalizing on the full potential of online learning, failing to incorporate collaborative learning, which leads to a notable lack of engagement and utilization across the board.

CorpU saw this as an opportunity and took action, spending the past 15 years working to fill this void by creating and implementing our highly successful, scientifically designed cohort-based learning platform that specifically targets collaboration and engagement.

Our cohort-based learning platform’s prior success came from partnerships with leading universities to provide the best in-class content from industry-leading experts, but we’ve recently been inundated with requests from customers who want the ability to access our platform to drive content in an easy-to-use, cohort-based approach.

Our ability to grant this access, coupled with the way and rate in which our platform is continuing to evolve to meet consumer needs, is the perfect storm that will allow us to take cohort-based, online learning to the next level.

To learn more about what CorpU has to offer regarding high-impact online learning, visit www.corpu.com.

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