Organizational Learning Platform

A guided, cohort-based learning experience that features enriching discussions of real-world business issues among a diverse group of professionals to drive change and the future vision of your organization.

CorpU Virtual Learning Platform

Built on Learning Science

CorpU is the organizational learning platform that connects professionals together in purpose-built groups to solve complex problems, generate and spread ideas, teach and learn from each other, and capture and share new knowledge at scale.

Structured Dialogue Tools

Facilitate disciplined collaboration and structured dialogue across purpose-built, business-oriented social networks of leaders and teams to help them align leadership development and change efforts to strategic initiatives.

Discussion Forums

Build a community with peers, experts and coaches in an online environment

Breakout Groups

Solve problems together in working groups, promote team building, and plan for the future together.

Innovation Tournaments

Structured, multi-round competitions that captures new ideas and uncovers innovation opportunities.

Live Events

Synthesis and integration of concepts and team presentations to executives such as pitches, proposals, project recommendations, team competitions, and shark tanks.

Communities of Practice

Create team learning environments designed for continuous improvement including structured resources and informal learning opportunities.

Social Profiles

Connect to the world’s smartest people in academia and business, and build your own professional network.

Learning Analytics Tools

Evaluate data generated by thousands of collaboration activities to detect patterns, and deliver insights that help senior leaders make accurate and quick decisions.

High-Impact Learning Analytics

Track and ‘connect the dots’ in real-time between what your company is doing to develop its leaders, how strong or weak they are, and business outcomes.

Actionable Insight Reports

Quality checkpoints to review either positive or negative outliers based on your success criteria.

Manager Dashboards

Equip managers with tools to be actively involved with their team throughout a learning journey in order to achieve higher success

Administration Tools

Easily build, manage and integrate across the enterprise.

Course Builder

Assemble activity-based courses quickly and easily that appeal to all learning styles

Cohort Management

Create a community experience with a focus on a shared learning experience

Community Builder

Create team learning environments designed for continuous improvement including structured resources and informal learning opportunities

Reporting & Analytics

Track and monitor progress and who in your organization ‘gets it’ and believe in it, and therefore likely to drive and champion new ideas and approaches over time

Video Management

Add life to courses and boost engagement and participation


Sync and secure data between enterprise business systems

World-Class Security

World-Class Security

Our platform is architected from the ground up with enterprise-grade security in mind in order to meet and exceed the strict security requirements of our customers.

We understand that storing your data within a Cloud Infrastructure may be of concern, which is why CorpU is committed to maintaining transparency and trust with our customers. Many of our customers, including the largest retail, consumer package goods, and financial companies in the world, perform regular and comprehensive information privacy and digital security audits on our process and infrastructure to ensure Corp/U meets the requirements of their most security-sensitive organizations.

Powerful Integrations

Deliver a seamless experience across the enterprise via Single Sign-On and secure data between enterprise business systems.

Powerful Integrations

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