The Purpose Driven Organization Program

Discovering and Charting a Course to Exceptional Results through Purpose

Enhanced employee productivity

Increased customer satisfaction

Elevated economic performance

About This Program

Are You Leading a Purpose-Driven Organization?

Many leaders think of their workforce as being self-interested and motivated only by additional wealth or promotions, so they view the pursuit of higher purpose as not being in their best business interest. When an organization views employees this way, they create the very problems they expect. Consequently, employees not only fail to see opportunities but also experience conflict, resist feedback, underperform, and personally stagnate.

Through this program, participants will learn how they can align their organization with an authentic purpose, one that intersects with business interests and helps guide decision-making. In an organization of higher purpose, despite constant pressures to regress to the norm, the people interact with one another with respect and develop a win-win mentality that supports high levels of collaboration.

By creating a purpose-driven organization, employees believe they work in an organization of excellence. Externally, customers begin to perceive that they are obtaining added value by dealing with a company of authentic leadership, authentic employees, authentic brand, and authentic products. They are drawn to this excellence and confirm it by joining in the co-creation of the organization’s future.

Looking for a shorter learning experience? Check out the one-week version of Becoming a Purpose-Driven Organization.

Program Features

100% Online Course Platform

Customizable Experience

Leadership Coaching

World-Class Expert Teaching

Community of Practice

Expert Faculty

Robert E. Quinn

Professor Emeritus at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and a cofounder of the school’s Center for Positive Organizations

  • Co-Author, “The Economics of Higher Purpose”
  • Authored 18 books on Leadership
  • Top 1% of professors cited in organizational behavior

Anjan V. Thakor

John E. Simon Professor of Finance, and Director of the WFA Center for Finance and Accounting Research in the Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis

  • Fourth most prolific researcher in the world in Finance – 29,000 Academic Citations
  • Multiple Outstanding Teaching Awards from the University of Michigan and Washington University in St. Louis
  • Former Chair, Finance Dept University of Michigan

Organizational Capabilities

Enhance employee engagement, customer satisfaction and economic performance

Discover, validate, and refine your organization’s purpose

Develop stronger relationships within your organization

Unleash a network of positive energizers who inspire others and drive cultural change

Cohort-Based Learning

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Program Roadmap

Week One

Discovering Your Purpose

  • Why Purpose Matters
  • Higher Purpose Changes Everything
  • Envisioning Our Authentic Purpose
  • Discovering Authentic Higher Purpose
Week Two

Individual and Organizational Purpose

  • Work in teams or individually to interview and refine purpose
  • Faculty Feedback and Coaching
Week Three

Imbuing the Organization with Purpose

  • Making Purpose Constant
  • Stimulate Learning
  • Transform Managers into Purpose-Driven Leaders
  • Unleash the Positive Energizers
Week Four

Starting Your Purpose Journey

  • Work in teams or individually to finalize purpose and action plans
  • Share and learn with experts at capstone event

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