New Leader Program

A Comprehensive Leadership Development Program Helping New Leaders Reach High Performance in All Domains of Life

New Leaders Program

Program Highlights


6 Weeks

Time Commitment

30 minutes of formal learning per day


CorpU Certificate of Completion

Target Audience

New leaders with direct reports, front-line supervisors, high potential talent moving into leadership roles

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March 31, 2022 – May 20, 2022

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About this Program

This program is designed to develop critical capabilities for newly promoted leaders who have direct reports. This program is designed to build leaders who perform well in all domains of life: work, home, community, and the private self (mind, body, and spirit). This knowledge helps create clarity around the learner’s role as the leader of their team, how to negotiate and persuade others to move the business forward and support ongoing business changes. The program incorporates a proven method for producing sustainable change that can be learned and practiced by anyone interested in growing their leadership capacity.


Develop self-awareness by analyzing events and people who have shaped them

Develop plans to identify key talent, coach for success, and manage succession within a team and organization

Practice applying a systemic view to set and communicate performance expectations

Participants Will:

Learn techniques to persuade others to drive sustainable change to bring others along with you in producing sustainable change

Explore the importance of managing talent and how to coach members through a coaching framework

Use techniques to overcome barriers to change and improve success of change initiatives

About the Experts

Stew Friedman

Professor, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Mario Moussa

Author, President of Moussa Consulting

Dave Pottruck

Adjunct Faculty Member, Wharton Center for Leadership and Change Management

Michelle Rajotte

Director of Client Services and Technology at Total Leadership

Lawrence Susskind

Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dave Ulrich

Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

Participant Quotes | New Leader Program

The course took me on a deeply introspective journey, is very genuine/true/practical all through, and absolutely amazing

Past Participant, PepsiCo

This course gives an insight on how one engages with people who matter across all walks of life, build one's journey on core values, integrity and doing what’s right. For me personally this gave an insight of how important it is to contribute back to the community which as a concept never existed in my leadership.

Past Participant, PepsiCo

I found this incredibly timely and relevant to what is happening in today's marketplace. With the changing of generational leadership, it is important to know how to speak to the future leaders of tomorrow.

Past Participant, Staples

Program Overview

  • Week One: Total Leadership

    • Explore the Total Leadership method
    • Why Total Leadership yields real results
    • Be Real: Clarify what’s important to you
    • Your leadership vision
    • Taking the four-way view
    • Defining the four domains of your life
    • Consequences of choices
  • Week Two: Total Leadership

    • Introduction to being whole and acting with integrity
    • Exploring and viewing your life as a system
    • Being innovative through Total Leadership experiments
    • Choosing your most promising experiments
    • Building social capital
  • Week Three: Understanding Talent Management

    • Examine the objectives leaders should consider as they manage their talent
    • Consider, reflect and plan improvements to approaches you take to help talent flourish
    • Learn why it’s essential to manage your own succession plan
    • Define the future skills required of your role
    • Understand the leaders role as coach and how that relates to improving employee performance
    • Explore what it means to hold productive conversations
    • Practice coaching and share its impact
  • Week Four: Conducting Interest-Based Negotiations

    • Learn how to negotiate on principles and interests
    • Understand and use the Mutual Gains approach to negotiation
    • Develop a win-win mindset in negotiations
    • Devise methods to create value in a negotiation
    • Practice how to distribute value in a negotiation
    • Know your own negotiating style
  • Week Five: Practicing the Art of Strategic Persuasion

    • Explore Continuum of Influence, Persuasion and Negotiation
    • Apply the 4-C Framework: Consider Your Situation, Connect with Your Audience, Communicate Your Pitch, Commit to Action
    • Apply principles to build trust and rapport
    • Assess your persuasion style
    • Consider alternative persuasion styles
    • Practice your pitch
    • Use the STAR model to adjust your presentation
    • Download and use the Art of Persuasion toolkit and the Winning Others Over (WOO) Worksheet.
  • Week Six: Making Change Happen

    • Understand why change is hard, risky and prone to failure
    • Learn about the human response to change and what drives the fear of change
    • Assess the costs of failure to change
    • Learn to identify barriers to change
    • Consider steps required to plan and implement change
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