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4 Weeks

Time Commitment

About an Hour Per Day


RBL & CorpU Certificate of Completion

Target Audience

HR Professionals at All Levels

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About this Program

Agile, business-focused Human Resource professionals add immense value to any organization. When practitioners learn to connect HR to business strategy, they will deliver more value to customers and stakeholders. Through this program, HR functions evolve from emphasizing administrative and functional organization support into true business partners with an outside-in perspective.

Taught by Dave Ulrich, known as the father of modern HR, and other world-class instructors, your team will work on projects that add measurable value to your organization and learn skills that prepare them for fulfilling careers in HR.


Take steps to ensure the HR team focus is outside-in, and use tools and approaches to pursue new revenue opportunities for your company.

Discover and develop HR competencies defined within the 2021 8th Annual Global Competency Assessment.

Learn why and how to simplify complexity in business and HR practices.

Participants Will:

Learn and apply the STEPED tool to understand the business context for your organization’s HR initiatives.

Explore the complexities within your current practices and define actions that are necessary for simplifying work.

Begin to create a digital agenda for your HR function, and review emerging trends in talent, leadership, and organizations.

About the Experts

Dave Ulrich

  • Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
  • Ranked #1 most influential international thought leader in HR by HR Magazine
  • Partner at the RBL Group, providing consulting and research for half of the Fortune 200
  • Nobels Colloquia Prize for Leadership on Business and Economic Thinking

Norm Smallwood

  • Partner and co-founder of the RBL Group
  • Author of eight books and over a hundred articles about leadership and organization effectiveness Leadership Brand, Leadership Code, Leadership Sustainability and Agile Talent
  • Recognized by Harvard Business Review for “innovative and ground-breaking work on effective leadership”
  • Former faculty member in executive education at Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

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Participant Quotes | Becoming an Inclusive Leader

The material is very relevant to the events of the world today. Improving oneself is also an opportunity to improve your team and organization.

Part participant | Fortune 50, Shipping Industry

The information is valuable and applicable to every organization. Even the best-run companies can improve and should find value from the course.

Past Participant | Fortune 300 Finance Industry

The flexibility of managing this on my own time (but kept to a daily schedule) made it easier for me and not lose the momentum.

Past Participant | Fortune 500 Retail Industry

I am really enjoying this process. I have been raving about it to my peers, leadership, family and friends.

Past Participant | Finance Industry

We think that we know about inclusivity and that it comes naturally. But then you see examples which are showing the complete opposite.

Past participant | Fortune 1000 Networking and Communications Industry

Program Overview

  • Week One: Building HR from the Outside-in within the Context of HR

    • Understand why HR from the outside-in means connecting actions and organizational capabilities to value creation activities
    • Learn how today’s HR functions create value for customers, investors, and communities in addition to employees and business leaders
    • Apply the STEPED tool to discover opportunities for revenue growth
    • Learn how to use digital information to improve decision making
    • Identify from a four-phase evolution the level of maturity in your HR digital capabilities
  • Week Two: The 3 Outcomes of HR: Talent, Leadership, and Organization

    • Explore approaches to attracting, developing, engaging, and retaining talent
    • Review talent initiatives for developing employee competence, commitment, and contribution
    • Understand how HR builds a brand for the organization’s leadership team that is valued by investors
    • Analyze employee performance trends through career stages and how high potential talent differs
    • Learn to apply the 7 drivers that strengthen employee commitment
    • Examine key factors that drive employee contribution
  • Week Three: HRCS Individual Competencies

    • Understanding the importance of finding meaning at work
    • The making of abundance
    • Strategies for defining meaning at work
    • Understanding your personal meaning and vision
    • Constructing an EVP
    • Evaluating what your talent values most
    • Building a positive work environment
    • Increasing abundance at your organization
  • Week Four: Improving and Prototyping Solutions

    • Understand how critical thinking becomes a tool to “simplify complexity”
    • Learn to manage your career, assess your resources, develop a personal brand, adapt to change, and practice self-coaching
    • Learn how to develop your personal brand
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