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CorpU programs take a deep dive into a topic, with a goal to help your company develop a new organizational capability, build a positive culture and solve complex business problems. Each signature program is designed with a desired business outcome in mind.

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Future Fit Leadership Capabilities

Develop critical capabilities today to ensure a skilled and agile workforce for tomorrow. Each online program incorporates best-in-class content from top universities and is facilitated by expert faculty.

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Measurable Impact

AI powered analytics support tailored learning journeys provide evidence-based insights about learner engagement, understanding, beliefs and the impact they are making on the organization.

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Collaborative Microlearning

Our cohort-based programs enable groups to learn together in a manageable pace of 30 minutes a day. Our microlearning approach increases content retention, engagement and understanding with tools that can be applied immediately.

Program Offerings

Achieving End-to-End Supply Chain Excellence

Achieving End-to-End Supply Chain Excellence

Driving Excellence Across the Supply Chain

Emerging Leader

Emerging Leader Program

An innovative leadership development program designed by world-renowned experts for early-career professionals

Accelerating HR's Impact

Accelerating HR’s Business Impact

Gain HR Skills That Add Measurable Value to Your Organization and Prepare Your Team for Fulfilling Careers in HR

Influencing Global Teams

Influencing Global Teams

Improve your leaders’ effectiveness working with stake holders around the globe

Innovating for Business Growth

Innovating for Business Growth

Propel Business Growth While Generating Radically Improved Processes

Leading Inclusively

Leading Inclusively

Unite your company’s diverse teams to a higher sense of purpose

New Leader Program

New Leader Program

A Comprehensive Leadership Development Program Helping New Leaders Reach High Performance in All Domains of Life

Practicing Positive Leadership

Practicing Positive, Purpose-Driven Leadership

Motivating, Energizing and Aligning Teams

Build a Tailored Program

Have a specific goal in mind? Work with our learning designers to configure our modular courses to create a tailored program for your company. Speak with an expert to learn more.

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Best of the Classroom Experience – Made So Much Better

Join over 150,000 leaders from across the globe, who have already benefited from the opportunity to have:

More interaction with faculty and experts for deeper learning

More collaboration with peers to build stronger networks

More direction with coaches to support and guide career paths

More time to apply concepts, tools and ideas so that they are embedded into work

Charles Schwab - CorpU Customer

We are changing the way our industry builds talent. We had geographic constraints, language constraints. We had to figure out a creative way to reach a greater scale across all five geographies we operate in. CorpU is that way.

Scott Figura, Global Director of Productivity and Operational Excellence | Coca-Cola

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