Agilent: Supply Chain Transformation

Agilent Technologies uses CorpU Change Management Sprints and Pulse Checks to keep its global supply chain team aligned resulting in a 1% year-over-year margin improvement

Case Study Results

1% Year-Over-Year

margin improvement

$71.6M Generated Value

in supply chain improvements

94% of Team Members

committed to action for critical change initiatives


Hear Agilent describe how CorpU’s Premiere Leadership Development Platform helps them achieve supply chain objectives.

Case Study - Project Goal

Project Goal

Agilent Technologies transitioned from an instrument manufacturing company to a global life sciences firm. The shift required merging three supply chains into one and pursuing measurable business improvements, including a 1% year-over-year reduction in operating margins.


Henrik Ancher-Jensen, President of Agilent’s Supply Chain, needed three things to achieve his objective:

  • An effective and cost efficient way to announce and explain important change initiatives
  • The ability to reframe the team’s understanding of the end-to-end supply chain and how to identify cross-functional opportunities for improvement
  • An improved approach for synchronized and focused collaboration on change plans across the global supply chain team

Case Study - Objectives

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