Practicing Positive Leadership

The Importance of Positive Leadership

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About This Course

Many people think effective leadership is defined by knowledge and skills, but the energy you exude to drive performance is just as critical. This course helps participants gain an introspective approach to positive leadership and frameworks to become a more positive, effective leader.

During the course, you will explore how to apply positive leadership principles to inspire new levels of employee engagement and accomplishment at your organization. Activities in the course will introduce key principles, help you assess your current capabilities, and help you explore positive leadership in action through relevant case studies.

As you begin to understand the power of positive leadership, you will share ideas with your peers about how to create a culture of positivity, engagement, and empowerment.

Expert Faculty

Kim Cameron

William Russell Kelly Professor of Management and Organizations, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

Course Features

100% Online Course Platform

30 Minutes Per Day

Leadership Coaching

World-Class Expert Teaching

Community of Practice

What You Will Learn

Explore the research and science behind using energy networks to increase personal and team effectiveness

Tips and tools that you can apply to become a more positively energizing leader

What You Will Do

Understand the importance of positive leadership and its relationship to improved team and company performance

Assess your level of positive leadership and the extent to which your organization implements positive practices

Identify and implement positive leadership practices for your team

Course Overview

Day One


  • Why It’s Worth It
  • Evidence of Individual Success
  • The Four Pillars of Positive Leadership
  • Expressions of Gratitude
Day Two


  • Personal Positive Practices Survey
  • Creating a Positive Climate
  • Organizational Positive Practices
  • Assessment and Action Plan
Day Three


  • Positively Energizing Leaders Produce Results
  • Developing Positive Energy Networks
  • Attributes of Positive Energizers
  • Strengthen Your Positive Energy Network
Day Four


  • Griffin Hospital Part I: Positive Leadership Success Case
  • Creating a Culture of Abundance
  • Griffin Hospital Part II: The Pat Charmel Story
Day Five


  • Options include Video Response, Online Discussion, or Live Event
  • Cohort members and expert(s) exchange ideas about content significance, application, and possible next steps

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