Leading with Purpose

Focusing On The Human Dimension For Better Results

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About This Course

Every leader has a purpose, and when they discover it, they ignite a fire to become the best leader possible. Brigadier General (Retired) Rebecca “Becky” Halstead illuminates principles for Leading with Purpose through personal stories about her time serving as a leader during the war in Iraq; as she led one of the world’s largest supply chains for the US Army; and in poignant one-on-one interactions with soldiers.

While most of her work demanded world-class efficiency, Halstead discovered that efficiency focuses on data and measures, and is the work of managers. Leaders must also be effective, and that requires recognizing the human dimension — the people who add value day in and day out.

In this Sprint, Brigadier General Halstead guides leaders to:

  • Encourage diversity of thought and experiences to improve decision making and strengthen teams
  • Communicate effectively to connect with people and build relationships
  • Leave a legacy by being significant in the lives of those you lead

Leaders collaborate to share stories of leading with purpose as they test new behaviors and model purposed-based leadership. Through testing, modeling and sharing, leaders begin to shape a culture that features trust, transparency and continual learning.

Expert Faculty

Becky Halstead

Brigadier General (Retired), Esteemed faculty member of Thayer Leadership Group

Course Features

100% Online Course Platform

30 Minutes Per Day

Leadership Coaching

World-Class Expert Teaching

Community of Practice

What You Will Learn

Learn ways to ensure your behaviors reflect your own leadership values

Discover how to value diverse opinions, new voices and varied experiences

Determine ways to connect with team members to build relationships and trust

What You Will Do

Create and share your purpose as a leader

Develop a plan to recognize great performance

Write a personal definition of leadership

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