Leading Breakthrough Change

A Practical Framework for Driving Transformation

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About This Course

Driving change is an essential leadership skill. But big, breakthrough organizational change is prone to failure, resistance and cultural inertia. This Learning Sprint examines how to both drive a large change initiative and actively participate in a change process initiated by others. It explores several key elements and challenges inherent to all change initiatives: change is hard, resistance is high, and leadership buy-in is critical. This Sprint walks participants through a change framework during which they’ll prepare the organization for change, create a change plan, and make the change stick.

Activities in this Sprint emphasize the “how” of change rather than the “what.” The “what” is often dictated by strategic, financial, or marketing considerations. By focusing on the “how,” you will be better equipped to effectively drive the change process (when you are a principal agent of change) and support the change process (when it is initiated by others).

Together, your team will work to answer the question: How can we maximize the probability that our change initiatives will succeed in driving breakthrough business outcomes?

Expert Faculty

Dave Pottruck

Executive, Educator, Author

Course Features

100% Online Course Platform

30 Minutes Per Day

Leadership Coaching

World-Class Expert Teaching

Community of Practice

What You Will Learn

Leverage the “how” of change, rather than the “what,” to effectively drive change

Prepare your organization for change

Create an environment conducive to enterprise-wide change

What You Will Do

Learn why change is hard, risky, and prone to failure

Understand how to identify and overcome resistance and barriers to change

Explore the nine-step framework that you can use to manage breakthrough change

Course Overview

Week One

Conceptualizing Change

  • Change is Hard, Breakthrough Change is Harder
  • The People Side of Change
  • The Conceptualizing Stage
Week Two

Planning and Implementing Change

  • Introduction to the Planning Stage
  • Barriers to Change
  • Measuring Change
  • The Implementation Team
Week Three

Action Planning

  • Putting the Plan Into Action
  • Leadership Communication
  • Bringing It All Together

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