Improving Supply Chain Agility

Enabling Flexible and Responsive Supply Chain Operations

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About This Course

In today’s ever-changing world, supply chains need to respond effectively in turbulent and volatile global markets. The goal of supply chain agility is to respond quickly to that volatility without disrupting the performance of the supply chain. In addition, having an agile supply chain gives organizations a competitive advantage as it relates to organic growth for the organization.

In this course, Penn State Smeal College of Business professor, Steve Tracey, illustrates why agile companies achieve faster time to market, higher productivity in front-line sales staff, and spend more time on value-adding activities such as innovation, customer interaction, and problem-solving. Additionally, agile organizations recognize that individuals who care about their work and have meaningful interactions with fellow colleagues will outperform any process, tool, or workflow.

Participants will have the opportunity to share insights around the strengths and weakness within their organization's supply chain, and discuss how to build agility into the culture of their team. They will also explore the different dimensions of agility and gain an understanding of how flexibility and responsiveness play a role in achieving agility.

This course features:

  • 30-45 minutes of activities a day
  • One 60-minute virtual live event with expert faculty
  • Expert Guide support of questions, comments, and group engagement
  • Supply Chain Agility Toolkit

Expert Faculty

Steve Tracey

Executive Director of the Center for Supply Chain Research® and Penn State Executive Programs

Course Features

100% Online Course Platform

30 Minutes Per Day

Leadership Coaching

World-Class Expert Teaching

Community of Practice

What You Will Learn

Improve your organization's ability to rapidly align the network and operations to anticipated and unanticipated changes occurring both in and out of supply chain systems.

Create flexible supply chain operations without sacrificing quality, cost or performance.

Respond quickly to short term changes in demand and/or supply; handle external disruptions smoothly.

What You Will Do

Gain an understanding of why agility is critical for business success

Discover the 5 Dimensions of Supply Chain Agility

Discuss ways to leverage their organization's culture to create agile collaboration

Course Overview

Day One

The Business Case for Supply Chain Agility

  • What is Supply Chain Agility?
  • The Business Case for Supply Chain Agility
  • People, Process, and Technology in Pursuit of Supply Chain Agility
Day Two

Pursuing Higher Levels of Supply Chain Flexibility

  • Factors that Drive Supply Chain Flexibility
  • A Broader View of Supply Chain Flexibility
  • The Imperative of Demand-Driven S&OP
Day Three

Keys to Supply Chain Responsiveness

  • Building a Responsive Supply Chain
  • Factors to Consider About Supply Chain Responsiveness
  • Distinguishing between Strategic and Operational Responsiveness
Day Four

Weaving Agility Through Our Supply Chain Culture

  • How to Lead an Agile Organization
  • Agile Collaboration
  • We Succeed by Working Together
  • How to Leverage Your Organization’s Culture
Day Five

Capstone: Live Event

  • 60-Minute Live Capstone Event

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