Building Continuity and Resiliency in Your Supply Chain

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About This Course

Sooner or later, we will all come face-to-face with a disruption to our supply chain. It’s not a matter of if, but when it will happen. Welcome to Building Continuity and Resiliency in Your Supply Chain. Over the course of the next week, we will take a deep dive into the various types of risk and disruption you may face, as well as ways to prevent or mitigate the impact of those occurrences. Included are several tools used for identifying and mitigating risk and disruptions, and the complete toolkit is available to download at the end.
Topics & Takeaways

  • Supply Chain Disruptions: follow along with the Ursa Motors simulation to learn how to foresee disruptions and create a recovery process; discuss how well prepared your organization is for disruptions
  • Continuity and Resiliency: assess and discuss your organization’s level of continuity and collaborate with your cohort on resilience investments
  • Mitigating and Managing Risk: learn about risk levers, diagram your organization’s risk resources and strategies, and frame out a risk reduction plan
  • Building a Stronger Business Case: identify and research ways that your supply chain can use continuity and resilience to not only protect revenue, but increase it, as a form a competitive advantage

Business Impact

  • Participate in a simulated disruption and it’s aftermath as a frame of reference for managing your organization’s risk levers
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your organization’s continuity plans in order to create a risk reduction plan for your organization
  • Practical application supported by use of the provided Risk Management Toolkit, which includes a Risk Discovery Matrix, Risk Impact Matrix, and Disruption Timeline

Target audience

  • High Potential Leaders
  • Senior Leaders addressing advanced and strategic issues within the supply chain


  • 5 daily lessons, approximately 30 minutes of activities in each of the first four days
  • 60 minute virtual live event with Expert Faculty on the capstone day
  • Expert Guide support of questions, comments, and group engagement and collaboration
  • Active participation – devoting your time to structured dialogue, private reflection, and deliberate practice will increase your knowledge and takeaways
  • Practical application – you can directly try and apply what you learn each day

Expert Faculty

Chris Craighead

Dove Professor, Haslam College of Business at the University of Tennessee. Affiliate Faculty in Supply Chain Management at Penn State Smeal College of Business

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