Building a Positive Team Culture

Creating an Environment of Sustainable Productivity and Engagement

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About This Course

Positivity is the key to creating empowering, virtuous organizations that naturally attract people. Drawing on a diverse body of research from healthcare to manufacturing, Professor Kim Cameron’s real-world, evidence-based examples demonstrate how leaders can affect organizational culture, positivity, and ultimately, productivity.


  • People spend about 20% longer thinking about positive information than negative (and 50% longer than neutral statements).
  • Studies show people are more accurate processing and recalling positive information than negative or neutral information.
  • Central nervous system functioning is at its most effective in situations deemed positive.
  • The positive energy of leaders has been seen to increase productivity 150%, as well as support job satisfaction, well being, cohesion, and team learning.
  • Positivity increases life expectancy (6-7 years for one study and 12 years for another).

Drawing on a diverse body of research from healthcare to manufacturing, this sprint demonstrates how leaders can affect organizational culture, positivity, and ultimately, productivity. Assessments and group discussions enable participants to determine their current state of performance in a number of positive leadership categories, and then apply groundbreaking concepts to propel their teams forward.

Expert Faculty

Kim Cameron

William Russell Kelly Professor of Management and Organizations in the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan

Course Features

100% Online Course Platform

30 Minutes Per Day

Leadership Coaching

World-Class Expert Teaching

Community of Practice

What You Will Learn

Drive individual and team performance through the use of positive leadership principles

Improve leadership effectiveness through the application of positive leadership principles

Create measurable action plans for individual, team, and organizational performance improvement using positive leadership frameworks

What You Will Do

Learn and discuss key positive leadership principles, including four highly effective strategies for leaders

Identify key components of high-performance work environments that help teams and individuals flourish

Learn how to deploy the positive leadership toolkit in performance improvement initiatives

Course Overview

Week One

The Strength of Positive Leadership

  • Positive Leadership
  • Knowing Yourself and Your Organization
  • Positively Energizing Leadership
  • Breakout Group working session: Leveraging Your Strengths, Addressing the Gaps
Week Two

Changing Your Culture

  • How Positive Leadership Creates Positive Culture
  • A Culture of Engagement
  • Engagement in the Global Economy
  • Breakout Group working session: The Price of Engagement
Week Three

Sustaining Positive Culture

  • The Key to Sustaining Positive Culture
  • How Can Leaders Empower?
  • The Path Forward
  • Breakout Group working session: Creating and Sharing Your Action Plan

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