Assessing Your Supply Chain Alignment and Collaboration

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About This Course

In this sprint, you will perform an assessment from three tiers: an organizational level, a departmental level, and a team level, in order to get a comprehensive picture of where you and your firm currently stand. You will reflect on, and discuss with others, the results of the assessments, and use the results to identify the best places to begin improving the levels of alignment and collaboration within your supply chain. Questions under consideration will be:

  • Where do you see effective alignment and collaboration within your supply chain?
  • How can you build on these areas of success to develop greater alignment and collaboration within your supply chain?
  • Where do you see gaps that are opportunities for improvement?
  • What can you do to take advantage of these opportunities?

Target audience

  • High Potential Leaders
  • Middle Managers addressing tactical concepts and application


  • 5 daily lessons, approximately 30 minutes of activities in each of the first four days
  • 60 minute virtual live event with Expert Faculty on the capstone day
  • Expert Guide support of questions, comments, and group engagement and collaboration
  • Active participation – devoting your time to structured dialogue, private reflection, and deliberate practice will increase your knowledge and takeaways</li

Expert Faculty

Steve Tracey

Executive Director of the Center for Supply Chain Research® and Penn State Executive Programs

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