Acting Inclusively

Harnessing the power of uniqueness and belonging

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About This Course

Creating an inclusive work environment that values and utilizes the diverse background and experiences of each team member is incredibly important. While it is easy for organizations to vocalize this goal, it is far more challenging to implement this meaningful and necessary change.

Most D&I programs focus solely on thoughts and theories. Acting Inclusively shares evidence-based practices and utilizes active-learning to teach and reinforce actions and behaviors that will help your team harness the power of diversity while maintaining a culture of engagement, belonging, and acceptance.

In this highly engaging course, you will examine your own attitudes before moving into understanding how to move beyond attitudes to actions that promote diversity and inclusion.

This one-week course is ideal for:

  • Individual Contributors & People Managers
  • HR & Diversity Practitioners
  • Senior Leadership

Expert Faculty

Stefanie Johnson

Associate Professor of Management, University of Colorado Boulder and author of WSJ Bestseller, Inclusify: The Power of Uniqueness and Belonging to Build Innovative Teams

Course Features

100% Online Course Platform

30 Minutes Per Day

Leadership Coaching

World-Class Expert Teaching

Community of Practice

What You Will Learn

Create a culture where individuals feel welcome to bring and leverage their unique identity to the workplace

Build stronger, deeper relationships with individuals on your team

Challenge and confront myths and misperceptions that can undermine efforts to support diversity

What You Will Do

Complete assessments to determine your current Diversity & Inclusion actions and attitudes

Learn and practice behaviors that support engagement and encourage innovation

Utilize proven tools and techniques that support inclusive behavior in the workplace

Course Overview

Day One

Making the Case

  • Your Diversity & Inclusion Actions and Attitudes
  • What Factors are Required for People to Feel Included
  • Why Many Companies Still Have Work to Do
  • What Holds Us Back
  • Practicing Empathy
Day Two


  • Fear of Being You
  • Shine Bright Like a Diamond
  • Use the Identity Wheel
  • Uniqueness in the Workplace
  • How to Encourage Uniqueness
  • Practicing Amplification
Day Three


  • Where Everybody Knows Your Name: Belonging
  • Who Can You Include?
  • Uniqueness/ Belonging Scale
  • Culture Swap
  • How to Encourage Belonging
Day Four

Path to Inclusifying

  • A Case for Action
  • Three Lessons to Put You on the Path to Inclusifying
  • What are your Headwinds and Tailwinds
  • Inclusify Toolkit
  • Bystander Activity
Day Five


  • 60-Minute Live Capstone Event
  • Reflect on Your Experience
  • Commit to Ongoing Action

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