Courses are broken down into one-week sprints to deliver high-impact through a focused effort. Expert faculty lead the way through four days of asynchronous videos, readings and discussion topics, while a course moderator encourages participants and surfaces important conversations. The course concludes with a synchronous live-event on the final day.

Best of the Classroom Experience – Made So Much Better

Join over 150,000 leaders from across the globe, who have already benifitted from the opportunity to have:

More interaction with faculty and experts for deeper learning

More collaboration with peers to build stronger networks

More direction with coaches to support and guide career paths

More time to apply concepts, tools and ideas so that they are embedded into work

Charles Schwab - CorpU Customer

We are changing the way our industry builds talent. We had geographic constraints, language constraints. We had to figure out a creative way to reach a greater scale across all five geographies we operate in. CorpU is that way.

Scott Figura, Global Director of Productivity and Operational Excellence | Coca-Cola

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