Leadership Analytics Pioneer Launches New Tool to Improve the Depth and Diversity of Leadership Pipelines

by | Aug 28, 2018

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PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Leadership analytics pioneer, CorpU, today announced CorpU Analytics, an evidence-based tool that provides corporate executives with precise insights into the effectiveness of a company’s leadership development program. Sophisticated dashboards allow companies to discover what’s hampering leadership performance and find gaps in development practices in order to measure and improve impact.
“CorpU’s ‘Moneyball’ approach to leadership development leverages data to improve our leadership bench strength,” said Ted Fleming, Vice President at Aetna University. “Its insights help us to identify future leaders and more accurately measure the impact of our training efforts.”
As detailed in a new white paper, “Protecting a Company’s Most Valuable Asset: Its Leadership Team,” CorpU Analytics was inspired by a growing body of research which suggests that the historic inability of organizations to harness metrics and measure outcomes leads to failures in leadership development. A recent Accenture survey found that only eight percent of executives felt their company was effective in developing leaders. The CorpU Analytics Dashboard aims to improve outcomes from training, and was developed in collaboration with global companies and top universities to evaluate its impact on employee performance and productivity.
“American businesses spend billions each year on leadership development, but can’t quantify the ROI in terms of employee engagement, job satisfaction, leader tenure — or leader performance,” said Alan Todd, Founder and CEO of CorpU. “CorpU Analytics is an effort to bring leadership development into the modern era — with the help of machine learning and natural language processing — to give executives visibility into behaviors that drive business impact.”
Spearheading this effort is CorpU’s Vice President of Analytics, Rob Bernard, who joined CorpU from Boeing, where he served as chief data scientist for the Autonomous Systems division. Bringing his expertise in big data and machine learning to bear on partnerships with enterprise customers like Aetna and Staples, CorpU Analytics is designed to interpret data from employee dialogue and activity to improve the implementation of new strategies.
“Predictive analytics are now helping CorpU customers shape winning behaviors across the organization, be it HR, marketing, sales, or the supply chain,” said Bernard. “Effective leadership development hinges on their ability to translate data into action; it’s about creating organizational super intelligence and arming executives with tools that can provide a massive competitive advantage.”
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