Agilent Technologies Wins Gartner Talent Payback of the Year Award

by | Mar 15, 2019

Talent Payback of the Year

Agilent Technologies, a leading Life Sciences firm, has won a prestigious Talent Payback of the Year Award from Gartner’s SCM World Community.

Agilent’s Supply Chain Academy, powered by the CorpU Organizational Learning System, represents a breakthrough in learning and development for the 2,730 employees in Agilent’s manufacturing and supply-chain organization, or OFS.

The OFS Academy includes programs specifically tailored to:

  • Strategy Activation ensures that all OFS managers understand the OFS strategy, are updated on progress toward goals, and can communicate well to their teams.
  • The Supply Chain Program is geared toward working in supply chain and is developed with Penn State University’s Smeal College of Business.
  • The School of Continuous Improvement provides Six Sigma/LEAN training available for every OFS employee.
  • Responding to Change originally adapted to support transformation of our procurement team’s organizational setup, work processes, and required skills. It remains a customizable offering for supporting change management.
  • Best Place to Work supports a working environment in which colleagues trust and appreciate one another and take pride in what they do.
  • OFS School of Digital Innovation launched in the fall 2018 to enhance employees’ digital knowledge and capabilities. First of its kind for Agilent.

The OFS Strategy Activation programs are designed in partnership with CorpU, and the supply-chain program was co-developed with Penn State’s faculty. Learning objectives and business outcomes are key in creating the high-level course designs. The OFS executive team is involved in many aspects of the sprints including sharing their vision, providing business updates, setting expectations, and engaging in dialogue.

Strategy Activation and the Supply Chain Program rely on the CorpU Organizational Learning System to unlock the collective genius of teams, implement strategy, deliver business results while engaging with the executive team and each other.

Through Strategy Activation, 96% of OFS People Managers actively participated and indicted readiness for team updates. 95.7% saw the strategy has a positive outcome for both themselves and their team.

The Supply Chain Program is specifically geared to provide end-to-end supply chain knowledge and is developed with Penn State’s Smeal College of Business, the No.1-ranked provider of supply chain education.

One of Agilent’s 2016 graduates of the Supply Chain Program led a Global Procurement Transformation which achieved 149% of their target with more than 50% of the results in successful negotiations.

Additional Program Results

An astounding 92% of OFS employees said they understood how their work contributed to our strategy and how their organization contributed to the overall company’s success.

Further impressive survey results showed 91% of the OFS employees understood how the strategy supports customers’ needs.

OFS leaders achieved 80% engagement -compared to the CorpU benchmark of 60% among more than 50,000 participants

Agilent leaders achieved a 75% network contribution score, which is calculated when people share ideas, post comments, add feedback, rate ideas, etc. – compared to CorpU benchmark of 45%

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