Adopting the Total Leadership Mindset

by | Apr 26, 2021

Adopting the Total Leadership Mindset

Adopting the Total Leadership Mindset to Become the Best Version of Yourself

Being a successful leader includes much more than the hours you put in at the office. In fact, successful leadership takes as much effort in your personal time as it does during your workday.

If you want to be a successful leader and the best version of yourself, then it’s imperative you adopt the Total Leadership mindset.

Total Leadership is a proven method for producing sustainable change in all parts of life that can be learned and practiced by anyone interested in growing their leadership capacity.

This method, supported by decades of research and application by bestselling author Stew Friedman, sets itself apart from competing disciplines by showing you how to pursue four-way wins and by replacing the mindset of “work/life balance” – a discipline where sacrifice is inevitable – with a perspective that explores the real possibilities of harmony and integrations among different parts of life that are easily overlooked.

To achieve this total, positive change in life, practicing the principles of being real, whole and innovative is a must.

Becoming Real

According to Friedman, being real entails acting with authenticity by clarifying what’s important, such as your values and vision. To do this successfully, leaders need to:

  • Know what’s important to them.
  • Establish their core values as a leader and as a person.
  • Understand how past events have shaped the leader they are now.
  • Gain clarity on the importance of harmony among home, work, community and self.
  • Evaluate whether their actions reflect the importance of area of life.

Becoming Whole

To be whole, Friedman said, you must act with integrity. Leaders who act with integrity build communities of people with aligned interests and goals focused on achieving meaningful results.  Whole leaders strive for a sense of coherence through all aspects of life, and they create and adhere to a code of conduct that inspires trust.

To be whole and act with integrity, leaders need to:

  • Know who really matters to them and why.
  • Understand the expectations their key stakeholders have of them.
  • Grasp what they expect of their stakeholders.
  • See how the different parts of life are an interlocking and interdependent system.

Becoming Innovative

Being innovative involves acting with creativity. Friedman said leaders who act with creativity are skilled in adapting to new circumstances and have the courage to experiment and take smart risks. Leaders who practice this principle are continuously thinking about how things get done and search for result-driven improvements.

To be innovative and act with creativity, leaders need to:

  • Constantly experiment to produce better results in all parts of their lives.
  • Drive meaningful and sustainable change.
  • Bring people along with them by serving their interests as well as their own.
  • Reflect on what works and what doesn’t and then adjust.

By adopting the Total Leadership mindset, you’re agreeing to embark on a life-changing journey, one of which will have remarkably positive outcomes on your personal and professional life. Click here to learn more about the Total Leadership course currently offered at CorpU.

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