4 Characteristics of Successful Leadership Development Plans

by | Mar 21, 2018

Leadership development programs are a vital component of successful organizations. The effects of leadership development help with business growth, innovation, and employee engagement and retention.
Leadership Development Plans
84% of organizations surveyed¹ expect a leadership shortfall over the next 5 years. But only 5% have implemented leadership development at all levels. Leadership development plans are the number one priority for corporate training². Year-over-year spending is increasing & most leadership development programs are still rated as ineffective.

Four distinct characteristics a leadership development program must include to be successful:
1. Expert-led Courses. A successful leadership development program features concepts, tools and coaching from thought leaders, academic and industry experts. Industry and leadership experts are pivotal for:

  • Providing leaders the appropriate skills to succeed against uncertain and changing market conditions
  • Aligning development and action to business needs and outcomes
  • Translating theory to immediate application that drives sustainable behavior change

2. Problem-based Approach. An effective leadership development plan reflects the organization’s context and industry position. It enables leaders to learn as they work collectively to develop strategies for growth, find new efficiencies or pursue opportunities to improve customer response. Development takes place in a dynamic learning laboratory that connects leaders to experts as they pursue important objectives.
3. Integrated with Work. Successful leadership development programs incorporate learning into the work day. Successful programs emphasize practice, peer and expert coaching, and collaborative work on deliverables. Additionally, programs that integrate follow-through help generate higher long-term performance levels.
4. Collaborative and Social. Creating breakthrough performance requires discovering and leveraging opportunities. Examples include; product and service lines, functions, business units and teams. The CorpU social learning approach accelerates new connections and leverages crowd wisdom. It also speeds up the adoption of best practices across any enterprise.
Leadership Development Sprints create a collaborative platform for group problem solving. Every sprint is a daily, 30-minute exercise. Each aligns with strategic initiatives and definite real-world application of leadership development goals.
The majority of leadership development plans fail. Prepare for the future by making leadership development relevant, collaborative, expert-designed and problem-based. The traditional method of leadership development is focused around the individual leader. Conversely, the CorpU Leadership Platform develops the whole leadership team by providing skills, tools and processes to drive breakthrough change and overcome common business challenges. Grasp how our process can change your team by downloading our Leadership Platform Overview.
Download the CorpU Leadership Overview

[1] https://www.infoprolearning.com/blog/13-shocking-leadership-development-statistics-infopro-learning/
[2] https://www.statista.com/statistics/671222/important-skills-north-american-employers-provide-training-for/

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