3 Things Leaders Must Give Employees In Turbulent Times

by | Feb 15, 2021

Complete this interactive worksheet designed to help you reflect on what values guide your decisions and behaviors.

The overall success of a company is determined by the strength and well-being of its employees.

Without it, a business is unlikely to sustain long-term growth. But how can companies ensure they are doing their part to guarantee the well-being and growth of their employees?

It’s actually quite simple – proper leadership.

According to Dave Ulrich, employee well-being and leadership go hand-in-hand, stacked in a three-tier leadership system that provides employees with set of values that are key to their personal success.

Their success, Ulrich said, especially during a time of crisis, is contingent on three key sentiments:

  1. Believe: "I'm doing work that has meaning and purpose."
  2. Become: "I'm learning and growing."
  3. Belong: "I'm part of a community, I'm part of a network."

“In a crisis, I think those three dimensions – believe, become and belong – get incredible focus,” Ulrich said.

Watch the above video for Ulrich’s full explanation on the essential three-tiered leadership system that is necessary for employee well-being and personal growth.

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