Bristol-Myers Squibb, Westinghouse and Shell on the top practices and surprises from the 2010 Running Training Like a Business Update

Topics: Learning Excellence

Discover the 11 top performer practices and top 3 surprises from 2010 update to bestselling book Running Training Like a Business.

Gain new insights from our Top Performer Panel, executives from Bristol-Myers Squibb, Westinghouse and Shell. These three top performing companies were selected from the research as having displayed evidence of creating business value through learning.

It has been a decade since our industry's seminal book on training; Running Training Like a Business: Delivering Unmistakable Value, was written. A core tenet of that book is that internal learning organizations that "run training like a business" utilize a business line paradigm for applying strategy and framework to the Learning and Development Function. These best in class organizations deliver business impact under sound governance structures and optimized operations, which are reflective of successful Professional Services Firms that compete and win big business in the marketplace.

The industry and our economy have undergone seismic change driven by technology and globalization. To meet today’s new challenges in the learning organization, CorpU conducted a research study underwritten by NIIT, a leader in global talent development, to produce the "2010 Running Training Like a Business Update", an eBook based on in depth research from hundreds of organizations from around the world.

This panel with learning executives from top performing learning organizations, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Westinghouse selected from the research review and discuss the results of the study and reveal the top 11 practices and 3 surprises that were a result of the study.

All attendees will receive a copy of the eBook that contains all of the survey results along with case studies of leading organizations demonstrating best practices.

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