Social Learning Executive Council Meeting



The CorpU Social Learning Executive Council is comprised of thought leaders from both the corporate world and the academic world who have been brought together to explore the power, promise and peril of applying social networking and Web 2.0 technologies to the development of human capital.

The Council evaluates tools, examine processes, and review current business challenges where Social Learning can best be applied. Council members connect and learn online, attend monthly best-practice sharing meetings via the web, and participate in research that will be published to the 50,000 learning executives in the CorpU network. Members may act as sounding boards and informal advisors to one another by networking, learning, and sharing at any time on the Social Learning Executive Council social learning platform.

Members of the Social Learning Council…

  • address real business problems through collaboration;
  • gain industry recognition for thought leadership on key learning topics;
  • develop their professional networks;
  • have the opportunity to discuss and debate with thought leaders from both the corporate world and highly respected academic institutions; and
  • walk away with a multitude of best practice ideas regarding Social Learning every month that can be applied back in the workplace or academic setting.

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