Collaborative Leadership Development at Capgemini Starts with Onboarding



This month, we are hosting a combined meeting with our Social Learning Executive Council and our Leadership Development Executive Council. The topic at hand is how to effectively use peer learning for leadership development.

During this session, Ling Sian Tan from Capgemini will explain the company’s Next Generation Learning (NGL) philosophy and how they have applied the NGL attitudes and principles to the design of their VP orientation program. See how one of the NGL attitudes – “Connect to Learn” – is driving the success of collaborative learning.

She will also review fundamental principles that support the corporate attitude of “Connect to Learn”:

  • Use the power of teams in connections
  • Bring experience to create and co-create
  • Connect with many in many ways

If you want to hear how Capgemini is building a culture of collaborative learning and applying it to leadership development, join us for this meeting!

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