Leaders As Teachers Institute Executive Council



What will constitute effective leadership throughout the 21st Century?

Will it be a combination of visionary thinking, charisma and a keen understanding for the art of the deal as it has been for the last few decades? Or, will future leaders have to exercise their right brains more, putting greater emphasis on design principles and leading with high emotional intelligence? To what degree will leaders’ success depend on the power of their networks, and the ability to build alliances, even with “frienemies”? How much time will leaders need to spend developing technical expertise to grasp how technology is disrupting business models and industries, or honing abductive reasoning skills to discern patterns from seemingly unrelated facts?

The increasing complexity of business suggests that leaders need to develop new capabilities, and become expert at developing the skills of other organization leaders to successfully navigate a much broader, faster moving, more diverse set of marketplace conditions.

The Leaders As Teachers Institute will study emerging trends in leadership development, and how those are likely to influence the design of current evaluation and selection processes, formal and informal learning programs, and measurement and retention activities. Members of the Council will share and discuss best practices in leadership development, and work collaboratively to develop practical applications for emerging and innovative ideas for improving leadership effectiveness. A major focus will be on understanding how the Leaders As Teachers approach integrates with and supports these emerging leadership development needs.



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