Leadership Development Executive Council Meeting



Companies that are praised for building great leadership teams have one important thing in common. Their leadership teams are deeply involved in teaching, mentoring and developing other leaders.

These companies recognize the essentiality of having experienced leaders share perspectives on industry and marketplace evolution, lessons learned from good and bad decisions, and how to hone the skills required for success in the current business environment.

“Good To Great” author Jim Collins said, “It's one thing to make brilliant individual decisions, yet entirely another to cultivate a brilliant culture composed of wave upon wave of leaders who then teach generation upon generation of new leaders.”

Yet, many Leaders As Teachers programs fail to get the same results as the great ones.

The Leaders As Teachers Institute unlocks the mystery behind the most successful programs, and codifies success factors in step-by-step plans, helpful tools and case studies.



Sue Todd
Sue Todd

Sue Todd is Chief Strategy Officer at CorpU. She works as an advisor to Global 2000 organizations on the future of organization leadership and strategies to embed learning into work. Sue also leads CorpU’s Leadership Development Executive Council where companies from around the world discuss pragmatic solutions to help leadership teams improve organization agility. Sue has more than 20 years of experience consulting with organizations like Coca-Cola, Exxon, The Boeing Company, Microsoft, HP, Pfizer, Lowe’s, M&M Mars and many others to revise enterprise talent and learning strategies to address dynamic conditions of the 21st Century. Prior to joining CorpU, Sue was VP, Product Management for KnowledgePlanet, where she directed the evolution of the first web-based learning management system, and the development of the first business-to-business eLearning marketplace. She also drove the development of technology-based performance management solutions and helped both media and industry analysts shape the LMS and eLearning industries. Sue has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, USA Today, The New York Times, Greentree Gazette, Workforce Week, and other HR and Learning industry publications. She has published articles in Leadership Excellence, and CLO, Training and T&D Magazines.


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