What is the Future of Leadership Development?



What is the Future of Leadership Development?

It’s true. Our current leadership development methods have a reductionist approach and 20th Century industrialism stamped all over them. However, if our organizations are to be sustainable in a competitive, global economy, our leaders must break free of the chains of tradition.

In this session, we will – as a group – contemplate the future of leadership development, including elements such as:

  • Target: Organization capability (vs. personal skills)
  • Focus: Learning as a problem-solving method
  • Accelerators: Debate, synthesis, experimentation, monitored practice
  • Environment: Opportunities to explore and do something original
  • Practice: Adapting principles and theories to local context, and begin again when first attempts fail
  • Mindset: Helping leaders see with a new lens, as if they came from another planet

If you could throw out all the current leadership development strategies and envision a new approach for leadership development from scratch, what would it look like? Bring your ideas to the next council discussion!

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