Florida Power & Light with CEIA present Making Co-op and Internship Programs a Key Part of your Talent Management Strategy



This webinar will demonstrate how FPL Group partnered with Co-op Internship Education Program (CEIA) to build an effective talent management strategy utilizing a college and university co-op and intern program.

Increased cost cutting measures in many companies have led to resource constraints, which have forced many to do more with less. FPL Group faced this challenge by working with Co-op Internship Education Program (CEIA), a non-profit agency, to hire interns and co-op students to fill the talent gap.

This program allows for the continuation of quality work while potentially recruiting a future qualified workforce. Colleges that participate in this program include Texas A&M, Georgia Tech, and Seton Hall. The results of this program have enabled FPL to drastically reduce costs for on-boarding and recruiting as well as see significant increases in the promotability and time to competence of employees.


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